Environmental Policy

Spicer Electrical Services Limited recognises its responsibility to the environment and the general public when managing wastes. Operations and methods are continually reviewed to ensure Best Available Technologies are always considered and employed whenever feasible. The companies review process ensures we are able to fulfil all legal obligations whilst protecting the environment.

In particular we are committed to:

  • Comply fully with all relevant legislation, approved codes of practice and guidelines.
  • Develop a fully integrated environmental management system that will incorporate all company activities.
  • Appoint a specific member of staff to monitor environmental performance and make recommendations to the board.
  • Ensure environmentally sound methods are used for the disposal of all wastes.
  • Invest in education and training for all employees to ensure they are sensitive to environmental issues.
  • Support all regulatory bodies in the improvement of systems to reduce harm to the environment.
  • Work with clients to help reduce any environmental impact their operations may have.

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